Monday, November 9, 2009

What Am I Here For?

Today is one of those day's where everyone is doing my job for me, i.e. finding all the great stuff out there worth your hard earned money.  Just this morning I came across two items I would most definetely sign on the dotted line for. First up is this badass tee from Ready Amongst Willing courtesy of Mr. Fox over at 10 engines.  If you're feeling patriotic or just looking to set the record straight about your M.O. I think this will definitely get the job done.  After that you'll notice another, yes another, black face watch, which was featured over at Valet.  For under $200 this may be the best value watch out right now.  Every guy needs a watch...wait, scratch that, every guy needs this watch.

Ready Amongst Willing Loyalty Over Royalty T-Shirt...$25.00

Luminox Navy Seal Watch...$162.44


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