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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

U. S. Of B

Is there anything better this time of year than girls in skirts? Absolutely not, but getting fly out of season gear on sale does come in at a very distant and much less meaningful second.  Now is a great time to hit up brands like Baracuta and snipe some goods that you can wear tomorrow, but are relegated to the sale rack thanks to fashion's dynamic seasonal shifting.  The classic Harrington silhouette can be found in various linen and cotton fabrics with discounts up to half off - that means you can stunt as soon as tomorrow and with a marginally full wallet at that.  Thanks to a generous friend of mine I finally got my hands on one and, yes, please believe the hype.  You and I will never be as cool as Steve McQueen, or even Chad McQueen for that matter, but at least we can make a concerted three quarters assed try.  In the United States of Baracuta the national colors are red, khaki and navy so that's what I'd personally be on the lookout for - year in and year out these colors don't run.


Saturday, March 13, 2010

Attn: Steven Alan Baracuta Jacket

[Pictured: Steven Alan Baracuta Jacket available for $348.00]

With all the talk of light weight spring jackets going on I haven't really talked about the Baracuta jacket since everyone is pretty familiar with it at this point.  Well, Steven Alan has just released his take on the iconic piece of outerwear made famous by the likes of James Dean and Steve McQueen.  The red colorway is a favorite of mine and a version of it, while not exactly a Baracuta, can be seen in Rebel Without A Cause (read all about that here).  Most Baracuta's are pretty pricey, but the upside is that it is a 3 season jacket and can be worn practically year round depending on the weather in your neck of the woods.  Mr. Alan's version is pretty faithful to the original, which you can still buy today, and features his own shirting as a liner, contrast buttons and a zipper pocket over the left breast.  It's another reworked classic in the Steven Alan garmentography (copyright that term) and a winner as far as I am concerned.  Excuse me while I pour myself a glass of milk.


Monday, January 4, 2010

Bastard Barracuda Pt. II

[Pictured: Merc Harrington jacket starting from $121.00.]

After some of the comments from yesterday's post I figured I should head back to the drawing board per se.  Apparently there are a few other options when looking for an affordable Baracuta G9 Harrington alternative.  I need to thank my readers for opening my eyes to the offerings from both Merc and Ben Sherman.  If you are going based on some of the praise thrown around, these two options are quite impressive and should also fit into your budget assuming you don't mind dealing with shipping and exchange rates.  Merc has some crazy plaid options and a firetruck red version I talked about previously, while Ben Sherman keeps it pretty standard with the usual solids.  Also be sure to check out these two Ben Sherman x Baracuta G9 Harrington Jackets for the ultimate high/low statement, but act fast because at $121 they are a steal.

When all else fails, just remember W.W.M.W? 100% foolproof.



Sunday, January 3, 2010

Bastard Barracuda

[Pictured: Gap Barracuda Jacket available for $79.50.]

Sorry for the excessively harsh title, but what can I say...I am a slave for alliteration.  My brother just put me on to this new offering from Gap and at the very least it is an interesting take on the original Baracuta jacket.  I won't deny that this is pretty much a straight steeze bite on Gap's part, but with the price (and just flat out coolness) of the original I can't really blame them.  Baractua rip-offs are nothing new, but this is by far one of the better ones I have seen.  The details aren't really all there, but according to my brother, who ended up buying one, the jacket is pretty awesome in person.  This version apparently swaps out the traditional plaid lining for something of the cotton/chambray variety, which is a nice way to try and differentiate itself.  Also of note is the zippered detachable collar, though I am not sure why anyone would want to change up a pretty essential detail to the whole jacket.

While the original is something that has been on my wishlist for a long time I am not sure if I can find it in myself to drop the coin usually required to snag one of these.  Even scouring the annals of eBay will still turn up some pretty pricey numbers so this might be the way to go.  For whatever reason (saving a shred of credibility?) Gap decided against producing a firetruck red version, which would normally be my first choice as far as colorways are concerned.  The Gap jacket comes in both a khaki and navy version and could easily be your go to outerwear in the moderate temperatures of both fall and spring.  I guess at the end of the day while this jacket is the red headed step child of a classic it doesn't necessarily deserve to be handcuffed to the furnace in the basement.


Sunday, November 1, 2009

Lusting After: Baracuta Black Watch G9

[Pictured: Baracuta Blackwatch G9 Jacket.  Available at Asos...$383.72.]

When I saw this posted over at Inventory I geeked out a little more than usual.  I love Baracuta jackets (and golf jackets in general) and black watch plaid, so to call this the best of both worlds sounds about accurate.  The great thing about a lightweight jacket is that it'll last you half the year if you live in the right spot.  A Baracuta could easily suit a guy like me all Fall and all Spring.  While the price is a little steep, and you can easily get a Baractua G9 for at least $100 cheaper, this is pretty stellar.   For those looking into purchasing one of these let me recommend the G9 model.  It is the proverbial updated classic...a slimmer model that retains all the details that made it an icon in the first place.  Keep your eyes peeled for a much more in depth look at the Baracuta jacket at some point in the future.  Until then here's something to drool over...